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In addition to the equipment information below, in a effort to help you understand helmet options,
CLICK HERE for a link to a helmet safety study conducted at Virginia Tech University
comparing  helmets from various manufacturers along various price ranges.

SportsAuthority is the Official Sporting Goods Retailer of South Jeffco Sports Association.
The store on Wadsworth & Bowles will be carrying SJ's Cardinal & Navy colors in most gear and equipment.
We will also be sending out a great South Jeffco Family Discount coupon in June, so be on the lookout!  If
you are in the store, please be sure to say hello to store manager, Jade Opfher and let him know you're a South

Equipment: **REQUIRED**
  1. White Helmet with either a Navy or Cardinal Facemask & Chin Strap (please contact your head coach for team color)
  2. Shoulder pads (must fit 1" overlap of the top part of the shoulder)
  3. Mouth guard
  4. Body Pads: thigh, hip, butt, and knee.  These are integrated into the pants you purchase from us, and you can find integrated pants at stores.  If you choose NOT to purchage integrated pants, you must purchase these as well.
  5. Cup and jock
  6. Cleats: (black, white, cardinal, or navy preferred) MUST be molded bottoms for 1st - 6th grade, screw-in tips are allowed for 7th - 8th grade.
  7. Practice Pants (black, white, cardinal or navy preferred)
  8. Practice jersey (black, white, cardinal or navy preferred)
Equipment: **OPTIONAL**
  1. Visor: MUST be CLEAR!  TINTED visors will NOT be allowed under any circumstance no matter if you receive a note from the doctor.  This is a CHSAA High School rule as it pertains to head injuries and properly addressing such injuries.
  2. Gloves
  3. Elbow pads
  4. Forearm pads
  5. Hand pads
  6. Additional Helmet gear to be used in PRACTICE ONLY! i.e. Guardian Caps, etc...
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